A big victory for Hillary and all women

Hillary Clinton is now our presumptive Democratic nominee, and I am enormously proud that our party has, for the first time, chosen a woman to be the nominee.

When our young women think towards the future and the possibilities, and see that there is no glass ceiling at any level of politics, then we will have accomplished something huge and empowering.

Having strong female role models is integral to America's success as a country. When I was growing up, my mother supported our family while my dad went to college. She was also one of the first female vice presidents of a major South Florida bank. Later in life, when she was in her 60s, she decided to attend college and eventually earned an MSW and graduated with high honors. She truly was an inspiration. She truly was and is a hero...my hero.

When I look at my own two daughters, I can rest easier now – knowing that they can truly be anything they want to be, including president of the United States. That is a happy thought for a dad.

Hope you are having a great day,
Gary Farmer

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