FPL Cleanup: Guess who gets to pay the cost? (Hint: It's us!)

First, FPL allows contaminated water to leak from its cooling canals, imperiling drinking water and the Biscayne Bay. 

Now, they are trying to force us—their customers—to pay for the clean up!

How in the world is that permissible? Because our legislators—including my two opponents!—made the catastrophic mistake of allowing them to pass these kinds of costs down without review or approval. 

This isn't just an issue that affects our health and quality of life. It's going to result in higher rates for all of us. 

I'm calling on both of my opponents to not only admit these were bad votes, but to work with me to fight this new round of imminent charges and to make sure that FPL (and any responsible employees) pay dearly for this growing environmental disaster.

We can't allow energy companies and their patsies in the Florida legislature to let consumers get abused like this. 

Join me by telling FPL: It's their mess. It's their fault. FPL needs to pay for it. Not taxpayers. Stop the Nuclear Contamination Tax Now! 


P.S. You can also join the petition by texting "nocontamination" (no spaces) to 954-866-7778.

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