Ouch! Rick Scott Strikes Again

Before becoming Florida's governor, Rick Scott was one of the most powerful health industry executives in the country.

So he should know his way around healthcare policy, right?

Unfortunately, Rick Scott has done it again, this time putting the lives of poor and rural Floridians at risk. With his veto of HB 139, Scott is blatantly undermining the health of our most vulnerable residents. Worse, the bill passed the legislature unanimously—supported by Democrats and Republicans alike.

HB 139 is a good bill that would have established a grant program to encourage more dentists to serve patients in areas where there is not enough access to treatment.

Without this bill, residents in these communities will now likely face the negative detriments of poor dental health. In the medical community, it is well-known that oral health has a large impact on general health. When oral health declines, people become increasingly susceptible to a range of chronic diseases.

Social and psychological quality of life can decline as well. People miss work and school more – and instead of going to the dentist – they go to the emergency room where prices are way more expensive.

I cannot believe this man is our governor:
He takes away funding from reproductive health clinics.
He berates and condescends Florida citizens in coffee shops.
Now, he takes away access to dental care?
All of this just in the last month.

This November election, we need to put real leaders in Tallahassee – but first – I need your help winning the August primary coming up. Together, we can ensure elitist bullies and gaming politicians no longer stand a chance.

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