Polluters, Insurance and Waldman

We have less than 3 days left to raise money for this campaign, and it has become even more crucial than before.

Jim Waldman and his Republican supporters—supporters of fracking, insurance companies, Jeb Bush's voucher group, and Rick Scott—are throwing absurd amounts of money around to try and change the dynamics of the race. 

We can't let them get the upper hand with one week left in the election. (One week!)  Please contribute to the campaign today before our (final) deadline!

Among the many issues that hinge on this election, fracking and water quality are huge ones for this state. Fracking may be banned in Broward County, but any fracking north of us can flow south and enter our aquifer. 

Jim Waldman voted to allow fracking. I will fight it tooth and nail.

Some of Waldman's supporters—Rick Scott donors—are pushing significant funds into his committee's TV ads.

Please—there are only three days left to raise funds. Make one last contribution here if you can!

Thank you for all the love and support,

-Gary Farmer

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