Rick Scott's impending move against women's rights.

For Democrats, it is hardly a surprise that Governor Scott and the legislature are continuing their attacks on women's rights.  But it seems the public is finally waking up to what is about to happen.

The bill (HB1411) passed by the Florida legislature and now awaiting Scott's signature will not only ban funding for very poor woman who need an abortion, it also prohibits women's health entities that perform abortions from getting medicaid funding for other services, like providing contraceptives, cancer and STD screenings, and other exam services.

Not surprisingly, a similar law in Texas led to a significant increase in pregnancies among low-income women who had previously been getting contraceptives. 

While there is a possibility that the law could get tossed by the U.S. Supreme Court, we simply can't depend on that. We must make sure that by the next legislative session, there are more passionate fighters willing to stand up for women, and undo this bill. 

I've always held a consistent view on protecting women's rights and defending the importance of women's health clinics like Planned Parenthood. 

Please contribute here to help me get to Tallahassee to help stand against this attack on women.

– Gary

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