She's not wrong to be angry at Rick Scott.

If you haven’t seen the video of Rick Scott being confronted in a Starbucks, you should. (It’s here.)

Now, I understand how to some, this might seem like a crazy person yelling. But here’s the thing:

She’s not wrong. Scott’s policies are evicerating the middle class and twisting the knife on those suffering in poverty.

And what does he do? He turns his back and goes back to ordering coffee.

He. Doesn’t. Care.

Because to him, it doesn’t matter. His donors are happy. His staff has his back and makes sure this doesn’t happen much. You can even see someone try to intervene.

Well, in my view—Scott’s been ignoring his constituents for far too long. So yeah, now people have to yell to get his attention.

I share her sense of anger, even if I don’t share her approach.

It’s time for change in Tallahassee. I hope you’re with me.

- Gary.

P.S. Want to support the campaign and make sure a true Democrat fills this seat? Please contribute to our campaign here.

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