Sign (and share) my petition against fracking to protect drinking water.


Earlier in the month, I wrote how the Florida House had passed a bill opening up Florida to fracking - a dangerous practice that has been shown to contaminate drinking water and poison both people and wildlife.  

Now - as the State Senate considers their own fracking bill, we have to stand up, protect our already imperiled water supply, and make our voices known. 

Will you sign my petition and tell the Senate you demand they ban fracking and protect our drinking water?


I am going to lead the fight on this issue - both before and after I get to Tallahassee. 

Please, share the link above on your Facebook feed and on Twitter if you can. 

Let's get the word out far and wide:  Our water is not for sale. 

– Gary

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Gary Farmer, Democrat, for State Senate.

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