Stop the Nuclear Contamination Tax Now!

If you haven't heard, contaminated, super-salinated water from the Turkey Point nuclear plant has been leaking west into TurkeyPoint-V2.jpgunderwater drinking supplies and east into Biscayne Bay.  FPL has known about it for years, and yet the details of how extensive and damaging this leak is are just being publicized. 

Yesterday, FPL's Head of Government Affairs said the cost of stopping the contamination will be $50 million this year alone. But here's the kicker: FPL says that cost would get passed down to you and I and every FPL customer. 

How can they do this? Because the Florida Public Service Commission is given complete oversight over what utility companies can charge, and that commission is packed by pro-energy company Rick Scott cronies. Worse, members of the Florida legislature (and amazingly, my two opponents) crazily voted to give utility companies the right to charge customers up to $376 million before even having to go to the PSC for approval!

For too long Republicans and some Democrats have written blank checks to utility companies paid for by consumers. This has to stop. It has to stop here. We have to change the way utilities are regulated in this state and we need politicians—especially real Democrats—who will stand up for consumers, not wealthy energy companies.  

We can't allow energy companies and their patsies in the Florida legislature to let consumers get abused like this. 

Join me by telling FPL: It's their mess. It's their fault. FPL needs to pay for it. Not taxpayers. Stop the Nuclear Contamination Tax Now! 


P.S. You can also join the petition by texting "nocontamination" to 954-866-7778.

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