They contaminate, taxpayers pay cleanup...are you kidding me?!?

In my last email, I outlined how FPL is saying they're going to pass at least $50 million in clean up expenses down to customers like you and me.

The contamination of our drinking water aquifer and of Biscayne Bay is not only outrageous... based on reports on how long they've known about it, it seems like it could be criminal.

An immediate investigation by law enforcement and environmental agencies needs to happen ASAP.

But what makes this worse is that my two opponents voted to allow FPL to raise rates up to $376 million without seeking regulatory permission. 

Real Democrats need to stand up for consumers, not wealthy energy companies.  

Join me by telling FPL: It's their mess. It's their fault. FPL needs to pay for it. Not taxpayers. Stop the Nuclear Contamination Tax Now! 


P.S. You can also join the petition by texting "nocontamination" to 954-866-7778.

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