We must fight fracking in Florida

Despite our water issues, the Florida Legislature is poised to approve fracking - which will poison our water and land with carcinogens and chemicals that cause birth defects, and kill off plant and animal life.  Fracking has already passed in the Florida House in a bill that would superscede the fracking ban recently passed by the Broward County Commission. 

Fracking threatens our health and way of life.  (Learn more about the danger of fracking here and here). Given our porous limestone and high water table, we shouldn't allow fracking anywhere near our wells and waterways. (Basically, nowhere in Florida!)

State Reps. Evan Jenne and Kristin Jacobs have both tried to add amendments to slow this down. Rep. Jenne introduced an amendment that would mandate study of fracking effects on pregnant mothers and unborn babies. Rep. Jacob's amendment would allow counties to assert local bans. Neither passed. 

Now the fight moves to the Republican-controlled Senate, where the vote is expected to be incredibly close. Unfortunately, given the money being pushed around by pro-fracking interests, I am doubtful the Republicans will put our health and environment before their own interests. 

I can tell you this: Were I in the Senate today, I'd be leading the fight against fracking.  And if it passes, I'll be leading the fight next year to make sure it gets repealed before a single site is opened. 

– Gary

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Gary Farmer, Democrat, for State Senate.

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