What's after Orlando?

This last week of coverage of the Orlando shooting has affected so many of us. 

Like so many others, I have struggled to find the right words…looking for ones that would adequately express my outrage, anger, horror, sadness and empathy—but also not, in any way, ones that seem like some politicizing of the tragedy.

But the truth is that there are no words that can fully express my feelings.

And this tragedy cannot be divorced from politics.

We can’t ignore the fact that many political “leaders" are actively blocking regulations that would keep weapons out of the hands of suspected terrorists, and that some of these same leaders have supported discriminatory practices and hateful rhetoric against the LGBT community.

Should we ignore the history of state officials and legislators who supported easier access to guns while they separately argued that giving gays access to marriage would pose “significant public harm?”

49 people have lost their lives, 53 have been injured, and countless others lives have been deeply and permanently affected… but not just because one psychopathic terrorist attacked.

It’s also because too many politicians have failed to serve the best interests of the public. All of the public.

I sincerely hope that this latest tragedy, coupled with so many others, will lead to meaningful protections and restrictions on devices that are designed to kill large numbers of people.


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